Vaccine Posters

The Project

In 2015 I wrote and designed posters intended to educate people 60 years and older about CDC-recommended immunizations: influenza (flu), pneumococcal, zoster (shingles), and hepatitis B (HBV). This resource was included in the Adult Immunization Toolkit created by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s Immunization Program.


The posters were translated into Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and French. These are the most common languages spoken by non-native English speakers in Philadelphia. Translated posters are distributed to targeted community partners who primarily offer services in these languages.


These posters were originally designed for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, but were requested by and shared with the Nevada Immunization Coalition in 2019.

Design Specs

Programs: Adobe Illustrator
Size: 11″ x 17″ tabloid
Resolution: 300 ppi
File Type: .pdf
Color: CMYK

Vaccine Posters, English

English Vaccine Posters

Vaccine Posters, Spanish

Spanish language translation done by Sarah Bonilla, MPH.

Spanish Vaccine Posters

Vaccine Posters, Vietnamese

Vietnamese language translation done by Hanh Ngo, BSN, RN.

Vietnamese Vaccine Posters

Vaccine Posters, Chinese

Chinese language translation done by Fan Zhang, MPH.

Chinese Vaccine Posters

Vaccine Posters, French

French language translation done by Oumar Gaye, MD, MPH.

French Vaccine Posters