Nursing Podcast Cover Art

In March 2021 I redesigned the cover art for the At the Core of Care podcast, which features episodes on the role of nurses in healthcare.

The Podcast

The show is produce by the Pennsylvania Action Coalition – a statewide nonprofit coalition of healthcare partners founded to advance the future of the nursing profession in the commonwealth. launched a podcast in September 2019: At the Core of Care. The coalition is administered by the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium, where I manage communications. Part of this role has involved marketing and graphic design for the podcast, including podcast cover art.


The most common way users find and listen to podcasts is on a podcast app – the most common being Apple Podcasts. Cover art must be designed with mobile app users in mind first. I wanted words and graphics to be readable and discernable even when scaled down to a thumbnail.

I played with a number of ideas in my design process, and researched other health podcasts on the Health Podcast Network to ensure that our cover art would be distinct and visually stand out for users scrolling through a list of similar shows. Finally, I also incorporated Pennsylvania Action Coalition fonts and colors into the design.

Design Specs

Program: Adobe Illustrator
Size: 3000 x 3000 pixels
Resolution: 72 ppi
File Type: .png
Color: RGB

At the Core of Care Podcast Cover Art

The image below is a 1000 x 1000 px preview (1/3 scale) of the full cover.

At the Core of Care podcast cover art