Nurse-Led Care Website Redesign

The Problem

I was hired by the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium in October 2016. I immediately identified the website as a major problem for the organization. The Consortium brands itself as innovative and tech-savvy, but the website was 8-years-old, and had not been well maintained in that time. Many of the webpages were outdated and had not been updated in six or more years. The problems were numerous: it looked bad (the style was outdated), many links were broken, it was difficult to navigate, difficult to use, did not reflect the organization’s brand, and was not responsive (not mobile-friendly). I recommended a complete overhaul.



Primary: The next generation of nurses including students, recent graduates, and young professionals looking to network and build their careers

Secondary: Public health funders including foundations and federal government employees evaluating grant proposals

Tertiary: Our staff – to provide a better internal understanding of the organization’s overall brand and programs


Team & Role

I was the team lead and project manager for the website redesign. I interviewed staff, board members, and members of the organization about the website and brand, including UX research. I drafted a proposal which included a summary of my findings, a preliminary timeline, a detailed outline of specifications, wireframes, preview mock-up images, and a budget.

I coordinated with our server administrator, web developer, and Salesforce developer to develop and implement a plan. I also worked with program managers to update and re-organize the content. In total I prepared 42 pages of content upates, which I then put on the website using the Joomla content management system. I coordinated with the web and Salesforce developers for final testing. I wrote a plan to announce the web update and coordinated a rollout, simultaneously shutting down old sites and redirecting to our new website.

Budget & Timeline

The project had $21,000 budget, and took about 10 months to complete.


Final product

The new website is responsive, connected to our other digital properties, and there is a digital strategy for maintaining the website long-term. Content is updated regularly, which includes sections for news, upcoming events, upcoming webinars, and a database of resources.

In the first five months of 2018, the new website saw a 31.91% increase in users, 23.58% increase in sessions, and 18.63% increase in pageviews compared to the same time period in 2017.

Nurse-Led Care website previews, June 2018