Nurse-Led Care Style Guide

In 2018, as Communications Manager I joined the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium’s strategic planning process and advocated for improvements and higher standards for the organization’s communications and brand. As a result of this process I developed a comprehensive style guide to enshrine the organization’s history and values, and establish standards for both written and visual communications.


National Nurse-Led Care Consortium staff

Topics Covered in the Style Guide

  • Brand history, identity, and overview
  • Logos
  • Colors (RGB, CMYK, and HEX codes)
  • Fonts
  • Program-specific branding guidelines
  • Co-branding process and guide
  • Written style guide (based on the AP Style Guide)
  • Guide and resources on how to communicate about addiction
  • A list of commonly referenced acronyms
  • Email signatures
  • Letterhead
  • Visual design standards and examples


The National Nurse-Led Care Consortium’s Style Guide is shared with new employees and saved prominently on the organization’s shared drive. In addition to the full style guide, frequently used sections are also saved as individual files containing 1 – 4 pages for quick reference.

For communications staff, key parts of the brand such as fonts, colors, and logos are saved in a shared Adobe Library for easy accessibility and collaboration

Design Specs

Programs: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator
Pages: 64 (including the front and back covers)
File Type: .pdf
Color: RGB

Style Guide

Style Guide Cover

Style Guide Inside Cover

Style Guide History

Style Guide Logo