Health Department Website

The Problem

The Philadelphia Immunization Program was increasingly moving away from paper documents toward digital, but in 2015 their main digital platform was outdated and not keeping up with web trends. The website did not work on mobile or tablet devices, and was not built to handle the growing amount of content. Information was becoming cluttered, difficult to manage, and difficult for users to access.



Primary: Health center administrators enrolled in Philadelphia Department of Public Health programs

Secondary: Health Department staff needed an easier way to reference policy changes and quickly access information in the field


Team & Role

I was the team lead and project manager for the website redesign. I interviewed users and conducted user experience research. I drafted a proposal which included a summary of my findings and an outline of specifications we required with a new website. I was given a tight timeline and budget for the project.

I coordinated with our server and security administrator. I also worked with program managers to update and re-organize the content. Given the tight timeline I decided to load WordPress onto the server, purchase a theme, and focus on front-end development. I identified the theme and a necessary WordPress plugin, updated and reorganized all content, tested with select users, and made all final adjustments.


Budget & Timeline

The total cost of the project was $83. Testing and development took two months from concept to launch.


Final product

The new website was launched on time and under budget in March 2016. It was responsive, had many more features than the old website, and information was better organized. Over the next few months I made several adjustments based on user feedback, but the site was largely the same outline it was when we launched.

The new site helped our program build on an increasing trend of improving our digital reach. Staff reported the website was helpful in the field. Reports of users unable to find information declined as the number of users, sessions, and pageviews increased. Over my four years at the Health Department I oversaw an increasingly robust web presence and a 67% increase in sessions on the Immunization Program’s website.

Health Department website preview, January 2016

Health Department website preview, January 2016