Educational Healthcare Handouts

The Problem

These handouts are intended to help educate people 60 years and older about recommended vaccines: influenza (flu), pneumococcal, zoster (shingles), and hepatitis B.

The handout was designed in Adobe Illustrator, and the layout is intentionally kept simple and clean. The front of the handout has a large title: “GET PROTECTED WITH VACCINES.” There is a short paragraph beneath which reads: “Adults 60 and older are at-risk for infections. Get protected from vaccine-preventable diseases with vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and your doctor.” To ensure readability this is in large 21 pt font. On the back, each vaccine is listed next to a silhouette of a person that highlights the body part protected by the vaccine. For example, influenza and pneumococcal are respiratory infections, so the lungs are highlighted. Next to each image is a section header and brief description of the vaccine. These are written in plain language, and presented in large font size: 26 pt semibold for the headers and 16 pt regular for the paragraphs.

This handout was translated by two of my amazing coworkers at the Health Department into Spanish and Chinese, so that we can increase access to this important health information. Handouts are available to download on the Philadelphia Immunization Program website, and distributed in print to healthcare providers in the Adult Immunization Project Toolkit.

Adult Immunization Handout – English

Click here to download the Adult Immunization Handout as a pdf.

Adult Immunization Handout – Spanish

Spanish language translation done by Sarah Bonilla, MPH.

Click here to download the Spanish-language Adult Immunization Handout as a pdf.

Adult Immunization Handout – Chinese

Chinese language translation done by Fan Zhang, MPH.

Click here to download the Chinese-language Adult Immunization Handout as a pdf.