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Before Krasner There Was Dilworth: A Brief History of Reform in Philly’s District Attorney’s Office

After a hard fought election the outsider with radical ideas won easily. He was a trial lawyer with a reputation for fighting for justice in and out of the courtroom, winning cases, and sticking to his principles even when it made him unpopular. For years he was a thorn in the side of corrupt politicians…. Continue reading

An Open Letter to The New York Times: Stop Using “Addict” to Describe People

To the Associate Managing Editor for Standards, I recently read Jennifer Percy’s feature in The New York Times Magazine titled:¬†Trapped by the ‘Walmart of Heroin’¬†published on October 10, 2018. As a subscriber of The Times and resident of Philadelphia, I was glad to see more attention and quality reporting on this important issue. I was… Continue reading